Luciana in considering a small quote from Gareth Hind’s graphic novel version of the Odyssey, decided that Odysseus must have had considerable charisma.

“Who knows– Odysseus may come back after
all and repay these scoundrels in full, either single
handedly or with a force of Achaeans behind him.”
-King Nestor, Pylos

 She claimed that Nestor implied this when he suggested to Telemachus that should Odysseus return, he would have no trouble in whipping up support and returning with the ‘whole force of the Acheans behind him’. At this point she began to think about what it was in a leader that could command this following, hence ‘charisma’.

Luciana explored the entry in Online Etymology Dictionary and then speculated on the morphology of the word. You can see her thinking in this short video.

Luciana has challenged my thinking as I too speculate about the morphemes  involved. Off to sift through the OED entries!

The image is Pinturrichio’s 1509 painting titled Odysseus’s Return. I’m not quite sure whether Odysseus is the figure entering the door, or the splendidly dressed central figure facing the ever patient and resourceful Penelope at her loom. If Odysseus did indeed strut around in those colourful trousers, it could go some way to explain his charisma and allure!