Welter: a confused mass or jumble. Image from the brilliant Project Twins: Unusual Words

It seems like lots of ‘elements’ are literally taking ‘root’ now with the students. Earlier this week I thought I had totally overwhelmed them and cast them out to sea somewhat akin to the wretched Odysseus on his flimsy raft. I was cursing my enthusiastic clarion call of, “And we will examine 15 words and see how they apply to the characters in the Odyssesy! And in order to do that, we’ll research the roots, identify the morphemes, consider related words!”

The room has felt chaotic in the last few days but there has been a welter of enthusiastic activity. Today we shared our knowledge of morphemes, and reviewed the roots. Students now are about to embark on various ways of sharing their knowledge about The Odyssey through focusing on one word which they feel gets to the heart of conflict, character or theme and produce an imovie on this. At the same time they are comparing this word and myth to that of Perseus.

Below Ethan and Ayushi share their excitement about their chosen word  and their increasing confidence in the morphemic and etymological realms at this stage of the year. In the meantime,  we are at work in any free moment in class analyzing the words and tracing the roots of Unusual Words from Project Twins. More on that later!