Hunderwasser 0433_5c 2

Hunderwasser’s spiral entitled “The I Still Don’t Know”

Students have been investigating a variety of words that reflect the concepts covered in our year-long investigation into values, choices and difference which is explored through the mythological journey, the spiritual journey, the personal journey and the historical journey.

These words are up all year, highly visible  on our walls so we continually refer to these concepts and refine our definitions as we make links between the words themselves and examples from our units. Obviously our starting point is always the denotation, the morphology, etymology, the recognition of related words (words that share the same base element) and the uncovering of other bases that spring from the same root. We  examine synonyms and consider the subtle differences between these and the word under investigation. From here we refine our understandings of the word and consider examples from our units, and the world – a spiraling process.

Below are the students discussing which words particularly captivate them, their initial speculations about the word, and some ideas of where they may go.  Stay tuned for further discoveries .

Watch Nina’ express her wonderings below about ‘vengeance’ and Liam share his excitement about investigating ‘genocide’.

Hunderwasser ( artist above) said, ‘Our life proceeds in spirals’ which is the perfect metaphor for the journey we are taking in our word investigations: a constant refining of our ideas, going deeper, the antithesis of the ladder which is linear and sequential. I am not certain of what we will find and the direction this will take which makes it exciting work.  I am a co-learner with my students- together we are extending the boundaries of our knowledge. I love the sense of empowerment they feel in this process and through their discoveries.